Help with email order received issue

All of dates each email was received turned to the same day yesterday evening. It now looks like all my previous email came in on 10/20/2013. How can I reverse this so it shows the actual date the emails were received?


can you please check on your webmail if emails are having right date?

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Thanks for your response. I just checked and yes, my webmail has the correct date for each email. I figured while I had eMclient open I might have accidentally pressed a button or two on the keyboard that caused this on that day (10/20). From 10/21 until now, the correct date/time is on each email I receive and working normally but it is still showing all of my email from 10/20 and older (goes as far back as 2009) as they were all received on 10/20. Another issue I noticed is that all of those emails dated 10/20 are now in reverse order so the first email I see on that date is from 2009. Do you have an idea what I might have accidentally pressed and how can I correct this?

well, this is most likely server side issue.

Anyway I can use IMAP logs to check this to be sure. 
Go to tools - settings - advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client, then synchronize with server (send and receive) and after this send logs… to together with this topic’s url in subject.

after that you can turn logging off.

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