Help Urgent please! EM client delete all my Historic Inbox from Outlook!

I was trying the free version of EM Client in my company. All works correctly using the both clients (EM - Exchange with Outlook). Sudenly i wanna look up some Historic emails in my archived in Outlook and they were deleted. All emails are in archived of EM client. I need to restore to Oulook. I was trying EM I dont know yet if we will buy EM. 

Sorry for my english and apreciate all comments. 

If they were archived in eM Client to a local folder, then you can move the messages from the archive folder back to the server.

Thanks for the answer. And how do I do that? I ́ve tried to move draging the emails but Outlook didn ́t recognize the format. 

You can export your messages in Menu > File > Export > Export to .eml files. MS Outlook will be able to import those.

Or if your account is setup as IMAP or Exchange, you can move the messages from the Local Folders in eM Client to the IMAP/Exchange folders in eM Client.

Thanks for ur help. I can ́t do this way but I find a filter in my outlook :frowning: . EM doesn ́t delete mails. I ́m a fool. 

Thanks for all. 

Nah you’re not Gustavo… I thought the exact same thing when it looked like my entire Inbox had been wiped out when I simply removed all the categories!  And I’ve got 33yrs doing software dev so you’d think I would know better!  LOL!  

Thankfully a kind soul here educated me about how GMail works in regards to what happened and my emails were there indeed!  The support I have received here in only a week of evaluating the product is playing a HUGE part in my team’s decision. And whether they decide to migrate to eM-Client or not - I am most certainly going to convert my personal email usage to this app.  

Best Regards,