Help - recent emails to contacts that I use on a regular basis are not being received by them. They go into my sent box. I'm mystified!

I wonder if anyone can help - recent emails to contacts that I use on a regular basis are not being received by them. They go into my sent box. I’m mystified!

Hi Mrs E.

Does this happen with emails you send to any of your contacts, or just to specific addresses?

Hi Gary - it seems to be to specifically two random contacts - people who I communicate with on a regular weekly basis and have done for years. 

Did you have them check in their spam folders?

Yes - no luck! One of my emails to a friend actually arrived - but it was blank. Mystery!

Who is your email provider?

BT - good speeds, steady service, very few outages or problems (unusually!).

You said you are using BT, but is your email with Yahoo?

Ah - I see what you mean! No, I use, via Emclient. 

I wonder if you could send me one of these emails from your Sent folder that did not go through. In eM Client right-click on the message and choose Forward as attachment. Send it to me [email protected]

Thanks Gary - I’ve done that, hopefully it will get through!

I got your email, thank you.

I wanted to see the message source to see if there was anything there causing a problem. But it seems just as it should. Some servers consider certain signature content as spam, but that is not the case with your email.

Were you ever able to send email to her using eM Client, or is this something recent?

One thing I did notice, is that you are not using the latest version of eM Client. You can download it from I don’t know that there were any changes that will make a difference to this, but it is worth a try. After the update, send her a test email and see what happens.

Hi Gary - downloaded latest version, just in case it helps. This is a recent problem, I communicate with my contact on a regular basis and it’s been working fine up until two weeks ago. Similarly with another regular contact. Thanks for your help!

Hi Gary - I’m having exactly the same problem, was it resolved for Mrs E? Mike

Mike, other than what is commented above, there is no other information.

Hi Mike - well, sort of! It seemed to resolve itself, much to my frustration. There didn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason for it. However, all is well so far. Good luck! 

Hi Mrs E - Driving me mad, trying everything, let you know if I get somewhere with it.