help, please... Contacts not syncing with Google online.

RE-Edit note:  deleting the account and redoing it seemed to cure the problem!  Maybe there is an easier fix however…

Calendar and Email work fine.  Contacts are not syncing.  Icon spins what you refresh but new contacts and info are not working bi-laterally.

Gmail contacts online syncs fine with my Android.  EmClient contacts are not updating, being added to… with gmail online in either direction.  I check the categories and all seems as usual.
This is an IMAP account using my company email address through google apps for bus.

example.  CVS pharmacy has two categories,  my contacts and medical.  Note that the information changed in emclient is not changing on line.   I added a tricare entry in Em which is not showing up in contacts online.  One note:  from within Em, when I select the label my contacts from the pulldown …contacts/mycontacts and save it.   When I open the contact again the path is no longer to the may contacts but just contacts.  I suspect this is normal?  Anyway no communication between gcontacts and em.  Again, I am fine between gmail and android. 

I attached three pics.  In pic 1 you see the labels pulldown.  Saved contact always reverts to the path you see.  No matter what is selected.

As you can see…

This is how that contact is set up on line…  Notice that the phone info is different.

Hello, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? I was unfortunately unable to replicate the issue and the contact was properly synchronised both ways from and to the client.

However make sure to set “My Contacts” label if you want to have the contact displayed in one of the above screenshot label categories, if you’re adding contacts to the default “contacts” folder, the contact does not have any labels assigned and thus won’t display in the category. However it should be available when adding recipients or at the Gmail’s contacts online interface.




Since I killed the profile and started over things seem ok.  Perhaps the profile became corrupted. Note above that the folder is “Contacts”… There is a pull down and the imap folder “My Contacts”.
If I set the folder path to …/Contacts/My Contacts… and save.  When I reopen the program… it will have reset to the path pictured.

If the last is not a problem then everything is working correctly.

Hello again, by categorising the contact saved into the …/Contacts/ folder and assigning it with the “My Contacts” category, the contact should be visible under My Contacts on your gmail as well as eM Client.