Help please - can't see archived email under Local Folder

I am using eM 7.0.26482.  Windows 8.1.  I have changed the storage from the default one under the C drive to my D drive, and archived the emails.  I have the local folder showing but with nothing in it. Where did my archived emails go? Please help. 

And by archiving, it had deleted the emails on the server too… (IMAP)… … OMG. 

Hello Robin,
have you moved the database files from your previous C drive to D?
If you set your database location back to its original, do your files appear?
Unfortunately Archiving is meant to move your files from server to your local data, so it makes sense they cannot be found there.


Thank you Olivia for getting back.  Yes, I did “restore” the storage drive back to its default position, and viola there they are.  Thanks goodness.  All good for now.  Thanks you!

Hello Robin,
Im afraid that when you set a new database location, you need to move all locally stored data manually to this location first.
It’s mentioned in the Database setting note:
“Changing the database location will create a blank database. No data will be copied. If you want to preserver your data, please copy all the data files from the previous location to the new one. Changes will take effect after you restart the application.”


Hi Olivia, I did.  Copied and pasted the old em Client folder into the new location. I will give it a go again.  Thanks. 

Can someone please explain this step by step to me? I seem to have the same problem and I can’t find my archived emails.
What is the default location for this application?

Hello Vivek,
the default location of your database is C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client