Help! New Account and I can't send mail

I just set up my mail accounts and that was easy, but I cannot send mail. I’m sure there is an easy fix, but I can’t see any options to change things…please help!

Hi, go to Tools - Accounts - your account and tell me what tabs do you see?


Thank you, Jan…but I kept reading and found what to do…now I have my email account up and running…appreciate your getting back to me…

Could you tell me what you have found and helped you? It might help other users in the future too.

thank you

I found the advice in your help column, from one of the users. It said, that if you do not have a SMTP tab, to go back and delete the email address you are having problems with, first . Then start anew but when you come the choice of what kind of an account you have, click on MAIL, then on the next screen, click on OTHER (not google hotmail etc.) Then fill in the rest as you would ordinarily,since there will now be a SMTP tab.
Hope this helps, Sheila

Yes, this was something I would ask you by myself anyway so you have done right thing how to solve it.

Thank you for informing me.


Thanks going to Other when setting up is critical in solving my problem of not being able to send mail when I used automatic setup in the normal way. Thanks a million