Help- my mail is gone!

Been using emClient for some time now with absolutely no problem. Until today that is! I clicked on my calendar and as soon as i did my mail seemed to disappear. I cannot get back into the mail screen. Help please!!


Can you please provide a screenshot of the issue?
Thank you.


well let’s see if this works.  If you notice the items on the right hand side…those are all emails. But all I can do is reply to them. Nothing new has come in (at least there) since this happened.


Try right-clicking on anything in the left sidebar and checking the (presumably unchecked) “Mail” checkbox according to the attached screenshot.

Hope this helps.


It did!  thank you so much. Funny thing is that I’m usually the one that clicks (left and right) on anything and everything. Guess I didn’t do that this time.  Thanks again!!!