help me please, i installed and deleted this app - now it has wiped my entire email archive.... pls help

help me please, i installed this app and later deleted it because i didnt like it - now it has wiped my entire email archive… pls help me recover it

If your messages are no longer visible in the web interface for your account, then there are a number of reasons that eM Client could be responsible.

  1. You setup your email account as POP3 in eM Client, and set it to delete the messages from the server.
  2. You setup and used Automatic Archiving in eM Client.

If you did not delete the database after uninstalling eM Client, then reinstalling the application you will have all your messages in the application again.

hi Gary
thanks for this
i did however not set up auto archiving.
can yoyu please access your servers and see if you can find an archive for my email address?
i re-installed the app and checked settings and cannot find my mails

eM Client is a software company and do not offer any server facilities, so there is no way your emails could be on their servers.

It would be helpful to know how your account was setup in eM Client, but if it was setup as POP3, and you deleted the account from eM Client before you uninstalled the application, then you will have permanently lost your emails.

it was setup as IMAP
it took forever to download and send emails so i deleted my account from there and chalked it down as yet another useless app and un-installed it.

upon re-intalling the even more useless outlook express i realized my mails were 0 in the folders

Well if it was IMAP, then the emails will still be on the server. eM Client would not have deleted them. Login to the web interface for your email account and see if they are there.

i have already done so and all my folders show 0

eM Client, or any email application, will not delete the messages from the server if they are using IMAP because that is just a synced copy of what is on the server.

Did you maybe delete the messages in eM Client before you uninstalled it?