help in sorting out windows crash


Probably an impossible question but my Windows 8 system crashed - HD problem & Windows problem combined -
I have EM client up and running again on a new desktop and with the help of a local computer shop are able to access some my old EM client files - is there anyway to restore and merge my old emails on my new system

Many thanks

If you were using IMAP, then the emails should still be on the mail server, so just setup the account and it will sync your mail. But you can copy the whole C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client from the old HD to the new one, that way you get to keep any local folders, rules, templates etc.

Thank you for your advice - I did manage to download the last few weeks emails from my server but only a few weeks - the rest had already been deleted automatically - also my fresh installation now has a weeks new emails on it - 
I have found a batch of EM client files starting with Logs and ending with Timezones and if I try and open for instance Folders I can recognise some of the folder names - do I try and copy these 22 items over to my new installation ! - I didn’t wish to take a chance and wipe out my new existing emails …

Thanks again

You are using POP3 yes?

I am having trouble finding the details - I found IMAP & SMTP

So that means you are using IMAP, not POP3. IMAP stores all your email on the mail server. However, if you had moved the emails to local folders, then they would not be on the server, but in your old HD files. If you are only seeing your newer emails on the new installation, those are on the IMAP server and are fairly safe right where they are.

First thing, make a backup. Menu > File > Backup. Then if anything goes wrong, you can just restore.

Next, close eM Client and copy the old HD eM Client directory to the new HD. Choose overwrite/replace when prompted.

Now open eM Client. If your old emails are there in local folders, then as soon as eM Client syncs with the IMAP server, the newer emails will appear as well.

Tried your suggestion - made a back up just in case - closed eM client and copied the old HD eM client directory to the new directory - thinking that it would overwrite the existing new directory - no change - eM client shows the same emails as received over the last week…where did I go wrong…

The contents of your eM Client folder from your old HD should look something like this:

Mine is a little different …

category index
contact data
contact index
en US custdic
event data
event index
im data
mail data
mail fti
mail index
privacy lists
security index
task data
task data
task index

Ah, that is eM Client ver 6. What version do you have on the new HD?

Version 7 

Uninstall eM Client and delete the “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” directory.

Install eM Client version 6. You can find it here

Copy the old HD folder to the new HD.

Open eM Client and verify that your old emails are there.

Update the application.

Thank you again for your help - have tried several times with different versions to download and install version 6 - each time upon completion I receive the message - 
application database initalisation failed due to the following error
the device is not ready …

Success update - thanks to Gary

After some Google research I decided to delete the new Database files and then tried to open em client version 6 - it worked re-constructing new files - next message was that version 7 was available and to download update - all fine so far - the following message was that eM client had found my version 6 files and would I like to install them - yes - now I am up and running again with all my old emails -

Thanks again

Very happy for you. Out if interest, which database files did you delete?

Although it did not make sense to me the eM client folder -
have just added another question to the forum about advice on sorting my folders