Help Importing Contacts

As I was setting up I assumed the client would also download my contacts from my POP3 mail server but did not. Now I have all my emails but not the contacts. How to get the contacts? Please help. Thanks.

Hi, if you’re using POP3, your contacts cannot be synchronized because the service is for receiving new mail only, if you’re looking for server synchronization with your contacts (and calendars maybe as well). you can use IMAP protocol for receiving new email as well as using the synchronization functionality between eM client and your mail service.

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Thanks a lot.

You’re welcome, if you have any more issues or questions, make sure to check back with us here.

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Hello Paul :

Evaluating the FREE copy of EM Client.
Looks impressive.

But none of my contacts seem to have been imported from my Windows Live Mail.
And I have nearly 400 contacts !

I thought I had specified “contacts” during the initial installation …