Help files not opening properly

When I try to open the help files they do not seem to open properly. The index list is started and there is a progress bar saying loading. It seems to stop halfway along. the index list stops at “export”. All the items above “export” open as I would expect but clicking on “export” does not do anything.

I have tried re-installing em Client without any change in behaviour.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

the help files are on the website of eM Client…it’s not related to re-installing eM Client.

I believe they are busy upgrading the help files for eM Client 6 (now they are for eM Client 5), but I don’t know when that will happen.

Hi, help is currently outdated and broken, but there should be available updated version soon.


Okay will keep a look out for for the new help system when it is ready.

I have asked my colleague who is responsible for it and it should be available until end of this or next week.