HELP eMClient 6 crashes after reinstalling and restoring backup. all my serials are in there!

I recently removed windows 7 and did a clean install of windows 10. I then installed eMClient 6 and tried to restore a backup I made in eM Client. After I restore it crashes. I try to open eM Client and I see my folders and email headers in my inbox but no email content. Program crashes as soon as I click on any email in my inbox.

Please assist! all my serials for all my softwares are in a folder in my eM Client backup. so I cannot reinstall ANY of my software!  :frowning:

Worse comes to worst I need to the very least that folder with my serials out of there!

Best Regards,
Chuck Kovacs
[email protected] 

Hello Charles,

Before going deeper into this issue. Can you please try to unzip, the backup?
Just make a copy of the backup file so you have it in case something goes wrong.
It is basically zipped eM Client database, so you should be able to import it via Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client v6.