Help em Client won't work

I opened another mail program whil emClient was downloading an update. Now em Client will not open at all. I get a pop up that database was created by a newer version. I have tried to run the repair utility three times. Still em Client wil not work.
Please give me some suggstions. I have mail I do not want to lose.

Get the latest version from… and install it over the version you already have (or optionally uninstall the old version first, it will not delete the data). That should ensure you have the latest version that works.

Thanks,I will try that right now.

Thank you very much Filip. That worked perfectly and I did not lose any mail.

We are very sorry about the problem, it was totally our fault!

The latest update broke on several machines because one file was not correctly deleted. We are still unsure how it could have happened in the first place, but we added workaround a day later and reissued the update. Today we went through the submitted bug reports and sent steps for recovery to everyone who included their e-mail address.


I have this problem too, I have tried to repair the database, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing is working. I urgently need access to some emails,please help.