HELP! - Lifetime Pro License - Valid License???


I’ve decided to upgrade to the Pro Lifetime version. During checkout I had the opportunity to enter a coupon code…which I didn’t have so I did a quick search and found that had a company that had 21 Lifetime Pro licenses for 60% off.

I signed up for ebates, bought my license and received an email from cloudswave with an activation code and some confusing instructions. I tried to contact them but received no reply so…

I entered the activation code and the licenses appears to be for Pro but the license Name is “Cloudswave License”.

My questions are:
1 - Is this a valid license?
2 - if so, why isn’t it in my name?
3 - Will I be able to contact eM Client for support?
4 - How do I know if it’s a Lifetime license?

If this is a scam of some sort, I will immediately deactivate the license, try to get my money back and re-order thru eM Client directly.

Thanks for your help!



  1. it is valid license
  2. This is by design, it can’t be changed
  3. You have no access to Pro support directly but you have to contact us on
  4. If it is lifetime it should be written in License window.