HELP! Can't send mail -- "Folder has been deleted"

I use em Client as front-end to my gmail. Everything has been working great. All of sudden I tried to send email and now I get this error:

   Can’t process message
Couldn’t process the message because the following error occurred. Consider selecting a different account to send messages from.

       Folder has been deleted.

I have tried the following:

  1. A different gmail account
  2. Deleted my gmail account and remade it
  3. Logging out and back into em Client
  4. Rebooting my system and em Client doing a check on the database.

Nothing is working. Please help.

I have just removed em Client and reinstalled it and the problem still exists. Please help before I go looking for another email system.  Thanks.

Hi Brian,
Have you tried to reproduce this issue via webmail? Gmail accounts should work in eM Client.
Also you can send logs and screenshot of the error, to copy logs go to Menu>Tools>Operations>Log and copy with Ctrl+A, paste to notepad, then send the file to

Hi there, I’m having the same issue with one of our email accounts. Was this resolved? I would love to know how!

I’ve deleted the gmail, and re-added it and let it sync again. He can send emails through web gmail no problem.

I too have this problem. Is there a fix?

Hi there! No not entirely. I had to start a fresh database, and unfortunately had to lose everything that wasn’t on gmail. Even restoring from a backup caused the same problem.

Thanks for your comment. Not a good outcome at all. I have a lot that will be lost if that is the case . . .

My question remains: I can’t send emails from any of my accounts with the error message that the reason is “the folder has been deleted”. I will have to exit eM Client totally is can’t be fixed.

I have exactly the same problem. I can email from the Gmail site, and the email shows up in my emClient ‘Sent’ box. Is there a fix?

lunes 27 febrero 2023 :: 1600hrs (UTC +0100)

I am sorry I can not help you directly, you probably noted that this was an issue
several years ago - there was an intervention from eMC (
then “nothing”. Was there a resolution?
The issue has occurred a number of times since, apparently with no fix…?

Do you use IMAP or POP3 with Gmail?


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I use IMAP. Is that important?