Help! Cant find emails on my old harddrive...

I’m trying to import Windows Mail from my old harddrive that is currently connected to my laptop via USB. I’m not having much luck. Any suggestions?

Most easy way would be if you can browse from eM Client to the datafile(s) of Windows Live mail and then import them, but I have no idea where those file will be saved on your old hard disk, nor do I know whether this is possible from eM Client…

If this is the first time you’re using eM Client (so you don’t have any e-mails in eM Client yet):

  1. put your old hard drive back in a computer

  2. start that computer

  3. install eM Client on that old computer

  4. let eM Client import e-mails from Windows Live Mail.

  5. make a backup in eM Client (file > backup). Copy this to a USB drive.

  6. also copy the directory in which eM Client is normally saving all it’s data to a USB drive.

  7. uninstall eM Client from your old computer (you don’t want that version of eM Client to be started accidentally, and downloading e-mails, while you have another version of eM client on your new compter)

  8. start your new computer

  9. start eM Client on your new computer

  10. hopefully you can now import your old e-mail using ‘file > restore’ in eM Client and browsing to the backup made by eM Client on your USB drive.