help archive easier

Can you turn on a setting that would allow the delete key to archive instead of actually deleting for gmail?

A workaround is to do the following:

  1. Create a new label in Gmail. Call it something like eM Trash or eM Archive.

  2. In eM Client, go to the Tools:Accounts menu item to open up the Accounts window.

  3. Make sure your Gmail account is selected (if you have multiple accounts), then click on the IMAP tab.

  4. Scroll down to Special Folders.

  5. Unclick “Automatically detect special folder names.”

  6. For the Trash folder, type in the name of the label you chose in step 1 above.

  7. Hit “OK,” and you’re done.

Now, whenever you type Ctrl-D for delete or hit the Delete button, your message will lose its Inbox label and will gain the label you chose in Step 1. Additionally, your message will still be available through the All Mail label. Therefore, in eM Client, any message you delete from the Inbox will still be available in the All Mail box – which matches the Gmail archiving functionality.

One side effect of this workaround is that in eM Client, you’ll see two folders named “Trash.” One will correspond to the label you created in Step 1, and the other will be Gmail’s Trash system label.

You can still really-really-trash a message by dragging it to the Trash box that corresponds to the system label.