Previous e-mails dissapear from inbox after 13days and I cannot find the place from options to change that.
Thank you.

Hi Enrico,

Please check if the Auto-archiving feature is on in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Auto Archiving. This feature would be moving your emails to the locally stored Archive folder and deleting them from the server.


Thank you. I have tried to change it but it does not work. Enable has been ON and it has been OFF. When ON, then with 365 days before archiving.
Yesterday the last e-mails were from 11.06. Today from 12.06.


I’m not sure if you mean that the Auto-archiving feature is off, but if it is, then please check your webmail settings for an archive/move rule for emails older than x days. eM Client has no other features that would move your emails regularly.