I have just installed eM Client but have the following query: The cursor bar that I use at the side of mails to move up and down quickly has a very thin width, is there any way of making this bar wider?  

You are referring to the scroll bar. Many discussions on this forum about that. :slight_smile:

There are two options if you want it wider:

  1. Change to Classic Theme (Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes)
  2. Create a custom theme and change the width manually. You only need to change one line to increase the scroll bar width:

Sorry, I incorrectly said it had been widened in the latest version. I deleted that from my comment because it had not. I was using my own custom theme.

As you correctly mentioned Gary, I was referring to the scroll bar not the ‘cursor bar’. 
I followed your option 1, and changed to the Classic Theme - this is what I am used to!
Many thanks for resolving this.