hello, i was asked to update my client, i did it, and when finished, all my mails were gone, can i recover them ? even my account is gone.


Hello Leonidas,
what version did you update your client to? Can you check the Help>About section for exact number?
What mail accounts did you have set up?
Have you made any backups of your eM Client database before?


Hello Olivia, thanks for the reply, i updated to 7.0.26134.0. i had two accounts connected, gmail and godaddy. unfortunately i had no backups on my eM client. thank you in advance for your support.

Hi Leonidas

I had a similar problem upgrading to the RC version. eM Client was looking in the wrong place for my databases.

Where are your databases stored? If they are in the default location, they will be in c:\users<username>\appdata\roaming\ and you may see folders eM Client and eM Client Preview. First make a copy of these folders somewhere else in case something goes wrong.

See which of these folders contains the most recent data

In eM Client, Menu > Tools > Settings > Storage - does the location shown match the actual folder location?

Hello Leonidas,
John above posted great instructions, check your Database folder location, as the RC version now uses eM Client folder instead of the Preview folder that was created for the purposes of the BETA testing.
You can eitther copy the files from the Preview folder or change the location of your database.


John, thank you problem fixed, and works perfect! thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you Olivia, all back to normal! thank you and John :slight_smile: