Hello, I am having troubles with the showing of bold font

Hello, I am having troubles with the showing of bold font in email-messages that I receive. When a sender uses “bold” lettering, it is displayed just as outlines, which makes it sometimes very hard to read. I checked all send/compose font settings and changed the font around, but nothing seemed to work. It is a rather new behaviour the em client didnt do that at the beginning.

I am using the current version on a windows 10 machine.

Are these messages just from one person, or is it in all messages you receive?

Unfortunately it is in all messages I receive. There are only 1 or 2 Newsletters that are displayed correctly.

I don’t think it is the message itself, and you can’t change the font for messages you view, unless they are plain text, in which case there would be no bold anyway.

If this started after an update to eM Client, then you could could try uninstall and then download and install the previous version of eM Client from the Release History.

Or maybe there is a new version since you posted this comment. Either way, see if you get the same problem with a different version.

I followed your recommondation and installed Version 7.2.35595.0.
It seems to be working fine again.

Any clue what could have caused this problem?

Don’t know Felix. It is not clear what the changes were in the recent versions, but there were a few issues involving display of messages after updating.

Thanks anyway! Makes going through the mail a breeze again :slight_smile: