Hebrew right direction

In the new version 7.1.30794.0 i have problem with the Hebrew.
The direction of the text in no longer works. I don’t mean to the Right/Left Align.
Ctrl + Shift Left/Right don’t work. Text is written from left to right.
The cursor stands on the right when it should be on the left. (Punctuation marks at the end of the sentence on the right, when should be on the left)
In Office Word - works fine.

Looking forward for you solution.

I have the same version on windows 10 and it works fine
I switch keyboard to Hebrew and push CTRL+Right Shift 

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Hello Michael,

I just checked the issue with Hebrew and it works as it should. CtrlRShift moves the cursor to the right and it starts typing from right to left in the new mail window. Please try deleting the Hebrew language set of windows keyboard and add it again to see if it helps.


Thanks. It’s worked.

Did not work for me…:frowning: