headers only, no email bodies

I set up EM to connect to Yahoo via IMAP, and it works in that all the folders have been loaded into EM and I can see all the email headers, but there are no email bodies (it says I am not connected to the server). IMAP is the right protocol, I am using that elsewhere so it’s not an IMAP vs. POP issue. Any suggestions?

are there any error messages in the Tools>Operations window?
Can you try going to Tools>Accounts and set to download messages for Offline use under the IMAP tab of this account, see if it helps?


having the same issue for a long time now.  Always on IMAP mail servers.  Still happening now, if anything it has got worse.  The solution above does not resolve it.

have you tried applying different Security policy in the IMAP tab?
Are you using the newest version of eM Client?

I am also having this issue but its sporadic for me. Never happened in last version of eM but just upgraded about a week ago and now about once or twice a day, i can only see the header when i click on an email. if i wait long enough, it’ll eventually show up or i need to restart the client and be able to see it right away but thats obviously a bit annoying. Any solutions? 

Hello Brian,
seems like the reply from the server for download the body of the message hangs.
If you don’t mind having eM Client take a bit more space on your hard drive I suggest enabling the ‘Download messages for offline use’ option under IMAP tab in Menu>Tools>Accounts.
This will download the full message right away instead of the default which is to synchronize the headers and only download the body when prompted.

Thank you Olivia, I’ll try that and hopefully it works!