Header area for dragging not clear

Re Version 6.0.19705.0 - With Windows 7 - after this recent update the header strip isn’t showing clearly - very similar/same shades of grey. So, when I try dragging whole window, I find I am sometimes attempting this from outside area that registers. Otherwise - thanks you for excellent prog - I’m no longer in relevant businesses, but would certainly recommend to others.

Hi, could you please make screenshot of this issue and post it here?


Hi, Hope this shows there’s no distinction of ‘clickable’ area. - Tony

Does that show as an image? I didn’t expect to see code above. Ok, I guess. Cheers.

Ah, this is not issue but our newest default “Modern” theme designed to be compatible with Windows 8.

You can change colours in Tools - Setting - Appearance - Themes.


Thanks for reply. I’ve now tested all themes (I like ‘System’ best) - and I have got used to where to click to drag - BUT I suggest for some future update you may want to consider including an extra line/rule indicating the area above which is the click/drag sensitive area - or (an elegant solution) a bar of a slightly darker shade than the rest of the header indicating the sensitive area. Meanwhile - thank you.

Hi, we do not plan to rework Windows 8 like design, but I have heard that in future version there might be some option about header. Possibly to make it smaller and also some kind of another redesign.