Haven't been able to use in 4 Months.

I have a paid account and when I input the key it isn’t accepted. Says Account Count restriction. I prurchased 2 Licenses and can use.Also my eM Client still can’t recognize my account settings. Haven’t been able to use in 4 Months. Any suggestions before I give up on this newly paid service
windows 8.1
emClient 6.0.213720

Not really sure what you’re referring to as “newly paid service”. If you have a PRO license purchased you should be able to activate the product in Help > License > Activate.

Make sure to activate the product in order to be able to add more than the maximum number of two account that’s allowed to be added in the free version. As you’ve noted this hasn’t been working for 4 months, it’s hard to say what may have caused this, but first please try to reactivate the product using your activation key.

Also as a PRO license user you should be able to use the VIP support at [email protected] or at http://support.emclient.com/ using your credentials that you should received with the activation key.