Have two accounts, but only one shows up in sidebar

I recently added a second accounts to an existing Em installation, and the second account shows up as an option when I’m sending a new email. Problem is, the new, second inbox doesn’t show up in the MAIL sidebar on the left side of the main window. I’ve even tried setting the new, second account as the default and putting it in the top position in the account configuration window. Still doesn’t show up in the sidebar.

If it matters, the new, second account is a Gmail address.


my advice is to try removing and adding again your email account.
If issue is still unresolved by this can you please upload a screenshot of main eM Client window and provide your current version of eM Client?

I have exactly the same problem! In the accounts list there is two email accounts.
On the left only one, the first. Refresh shows no errors mail.

Exactly the same thing for me. 

Its been working for weeks with 2 accounts…i turn it on today and can only access one! Both are showing in the accounts menu, but can only access one on the mail sidebar…incredibly frustrating! 

Please help

Yesterday the second email accout suddenly showed up…
And this all by itself, verry strange indeed!
For me it were two new accounts on a newly installed win10 machine.
For days I only saw one in the left sidebar and two in the accounts menu!