Have tabs for moving emails direct and quick to personal folders

I would like to have a faster and simply way, to move emails to a special folder like in thunderbirds “QuickFolders” with tabs.

Personally, I think this is already covered pretty well by the program. One can create folders easily as sub-folders of an existing folder (and everything is in a folder). Because I have so many sub-folders under the Saved folder, I tried dragging the email into those folders. I have found it far more efficient to use the right-click function and pick where I want to move it from the pop up menu. I’ve never used Thunderbird so I have no idea if it is more efficient than that but it certainly would seem so if you have a large number of folders.

Hi Robert,
is this a viable option for you?
You could also use Ctrl + Shift + V to quickly move messages to desired folder.

Thank you,

So you can. I see that it is noted under the Edit menu. Thanks for pointing it out.

Hi Paul. Thanks for the hint - I ́m already using this shortcut. It truly helps -but it is not as quick, like the personal tabs for dragging, where you draw the email with the mouse to the tab in just one click. (I use 8 accounts and several folders and subfolders for a clean organisation.)

unfortunately this is probably the quickest way, we don’t support tabs as thunderbird and I know if you have a lot of accounts, all the folders wont be visible all the time.
Using the shortcut is really the best eM Client can currently offer.

I hope you understand,