Have Network folders

Have separate databases for “network folders” at a network location. Similar to “local folders”
When working on a laptop (offline), one can not store all data on the laptop. However, when back at home, all network folders become avaiable again. All computers connected to the network can have access same database.

…Use IMAP instead of POP and you will have what you want automatically

Dear Alan, 

Tx for quick reply and suggestion, however, … not a solution for me. I use IMAP and various account to avoid that I overload a mailbox. When using IMAP, EmClient will still sync all the mail on my Laptop and that is what I want to avoid. I use (IMAP) mail accounts for mail that I need at hand when travelling. When back home, I would like to have full access to all mail again. Another solution could be to set up a mail server myself on my NAS, but I have difficulties figuring out how to do this.

Apart of this, when I can store my mail on my home netwerk, I can also make automatic backups of this file. When now store my mail on the network, I can not take my laptop with me,

Hi Rob, not completely sure what you’re referring to, using a single database with multiple users accessing the database is not recommended nor supported by eM Client, as when accessing a single database from multiple locations will result in database corruption and loss of any local data.

Please keep a local database folder for each eM Client user.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Perhaps better to tell what I would like and perhaps you have an idea how to set this up.


I am a self employed consultant and I have a small (home) network of a 2 NAS devises, a few desktops and a laptop. I have all my data on one NAS. The second NAS I is used for making backups from the NAS I work on. use , and One NAS is

What I would like is the following

1.      EM client can be opened on all computers simultaneously. This already works and this is one of the reasons I switched from Outlook to EM Client.

2.      I want to store all my data on the NAS. In case of a compu crash, my data is save on the “working” NAS. In Case this NAS crashed, I still have ny data on the second NAS.
Now the data base and local folders are stored on the (C-drive) default location. I want to have this data on the NAS.

3.      When I am traveling, I want to have important e-mail with me on the laptop. I now have this organized by having this mail in a separate (IMAP) mail account.

4.      When not travelling and connected with my laptop to the home network, I want to have access with me laptop to the local folders.

I think that it boils down to the definition of “local” According EM client, “local” means on the computer itself. What I am looking for is “local” in the sense of on the home network and computers when connected to the home network can share the same local folders. When travelling, my laptop, will not be able to reach the local folders, but this I acceptable as I do not want / can not have all my mail synced to my laptop.

Any suggestions how to set this up? If this can not be done, I would like to post this as a possible extensions for EM Client. Love the program so keep on the good work.