Have Lost E-mails Please help?


  • I was using eM Client on my old PC (Gmail account IMAP setup). I moved on to a new PC and while trying to clean up emails I accidentally deleted all contents of IMAP folders. (Folders still show up but nothing in them). It is deleted from Gmail server itself as it does not show up on webmail.

  • I still have those e-mails in my old computer so I managed to use a backup of appdata folder and try it on new PC but the moment it syncs with gmail, all emails are gone.

  • I tried to create local folders (Copying my folders and saving as a local folder ) on my old PC but it asks for a sync. I know if it do that my old eM Client folders too will delete all emails.

  • I filled up a form with Gmail to recover emails but that did not work.

  • I just want to know if there is a way I can still recover my e-mails showing in old computer without deleting them by synchronizing.

Please help!

Have you tried doing an eMC backup (MENU > BACKUP), copy it to a flash drive and then do a restore (MENU > FILE > RESTORE) on the new computer, using the backup file on the flash drive?

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The trick is to disconnect the computer from the Internet before you copy the folders across from the old computer, then start eM Client and move all the messages or folders you want to keep to Local Folders.

Connect to the Internet again, and when the sync is complete, move the messages from Local Folders back to the Gmail IMAP folders.

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