Have a calendar other than Local selected by default upon opening

Just began using this package, very impressed, great work.

My primary use of eM Client is for users who are working on a common remote calendar via CalDAV accounts. When starting eM client, I have the settings configured to first open the Calendar. However, it defaults to the local calendar, which my users will not be utilizing. Is there a way to instead choose the remote CalDAV calendar as actively selected when starting eM Client, and/or remove the Local Calendar from the left pane?


I can second this. I would like to be able to set my googlemail Calendar as the default, that way when I accept incoming iCal requests then this would automagically update my mobile phone, Windows and Linux clients.

This will be available in 2.7.

I’m using version 3, and I still cannot set a default calandar. When using the “New Appointment” or “New Task” when I’m in my IMAP inbox, it will send the appointment or task to the Local calandar & local tasks. These tasks & appointments go nowhere when “Show local folders” is unchecked (I don’t use local folders & don’t wish to see them)

Yup, eM need to add the “Default Calendar” option and support for multiple calender in Google soon…

I find this really annoying! I am using version 4.0 which still seems to have this problem. I use a CalDAV server account with about 15 calendars. On each start-up I have to manually select all the calendars to view. This should at least remember the last used settings.

And please give us a way to remove the ‘Local Folders’ completely! I don’t use local calendars and I never will so I certainly don’t want it to be selected by default on start-up and ideally I don’t even want it displayed at all. The same goes for Tasks and Contacts.

Also, why does clicking on an unchecked calendar result in that being the only selected calendar. This is really quite annoying and useless. By all means select a calendar when I click on it, but please don’t un-check the others!

Ok, I take it back, I just found the ‘Show Local Folders’ option which pretty much sorts this issue.

It still doesn’t actually remember my calendar selections on startup though which is annoying. If I select ALL my calendars in my CalDAV server then they are all selected on startup, however if I select a sub-set then it only selects the first calendar on my account on startup…

set “Last selected folder” to show on startup in your Settings. It should help.

It does help, but it’s not ideal - I’d like to have it remember the settings on shutdown and be able to specify the area of the app to showon startup… I don’t really think that this is so much to ask tbh… Well, it’s a minor gripe so I guess I can live with it…

More annoying is the other issue i raised above:

“why does clicking on an unchecked calendar [not in the check box, but on the title itself] result in that being the only selected calendar.” This gets me every time!

Actually this is intended behaviour and we do not plan to change it.

Erm, which behaviour were you referring to?

if it’s the ‘clicking on an unchecked calendar’ issue, please consider this as a use case:

I have about 15 different calendars. I may choose not to show some of them for whatever reason. I then decide I want to see a calendar again so I go to check it. Being a bit rubbish with the mouse I miss the check box (which is very small) and accidentally click on the title instead (yes, I have done this many times!) I now need to go through all my calendars again and chose the ones I want to show when invariably the same thing happens again and i have to start from the beginning. I like the iCal behaviour, if I click on an unchecked calendar, it simply checks it and leaves the others as they are.

I can sort of see how this would be useful if selecting from a different account, but when all my calendars are within the same account I can see no use for it at all.

Please give me a way to switch this off… I can see no time when it would be useful to me!