Have 3 email accounts and free license. Want to switch between active accounts by moving account in active accounts but it doesn't work

I have 3 email accounts and free license. Want to switch between accounts but when move account up in active accounts it doesn’t show changed accounts

Hello Sam,
I suggest buying a PRO license if you need more than 2 accounts active - http://www.emclient.com/purchase

This email programe does not effing work. I have one account loaded. OK, ish but I cannot load a second account. I go through all the motions but no account is added. To test my work I tried to send an email for the working account to the supposed new one… I could not even send it because the send button seems to be off screen. Please can you help ?

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, you can add an account by clicking on the + icon and then following the wizard.

If this is what you did, were there any errors during the setup of the account?

There might also have been some error connecting with the account after it was setup. You will find this in Menu > Tools > Operations > Errors, with more details in the Log tab.

When composing an email, the send button should be visible. Is this not what you are seeing?

There is a general illusion that all sizes of screen can be accomplished by one piece of software, but that requires care in programming. In this case I think the send button was off screen below the area I could see. Perhaps you might be moved to put the send button at the top of the screen as part of the rubric, or indeed top and bottom.

You can maximize the new mail window by right-click of the icon in the task bar. You can also resize and move it by this method.