has been 14 days since it connected to the update server

hi! em client just quit after the error, “has been 14 days since it connected to the update server” the problem is that my internet connection has some king of filter, “i working into a bank”, and i cant connect direct to the update server, how can i fix that??

I’m sorry, but eM Client requires at least once per 14 days to connect to the update server so we can validate a license. You will need to issue some kind of exception for www.emclient.com. If your connection use http proxy it should work too.

I have this issue too. I have been having connection issues with EM and have just gotten an IT guy in to have a look but now he can’t get into EM to check settings as it quits automatically. This is nuts. How do we get back in to check settings. The internet connection here is slow bu tworking.

Please help and soon as he is only here for a short while.

For future reference for anyone else who has this issue…change the computers date and then you can get in to the program and check what you need to check.


i have just left emClient and move back to outlook after days traing to solve that problem, i belive that there is some info about a future version with proxy support not sure if it was ou will be implemented, sorry if i cant help you.