Hard disk issue - recovering E mails stored in local folders

Hi there, I fear the answer will be no but I’ll ask anyway. I stored my E mails in eM Client but in local folders. My hard disk crashed and I’ve had a new one installed. I’m guessing there’s no way to recover the old E mail storage folders? Local means on the hard disk only I suppose?

Any chance you have been backing up eMC (MENU > BACKUP) and saved them other than on your HD?

I don’t believe so, how would I know, other than by memory I mean?

Without a memory all I can do is mention trigger words which may or may not mean something to you… cloud storage, flash drives, external hard drives… all places where you would have saved/copied backups to other than, or in addition to, the PC internal hard drive.

A lesson learned: always backup!

I’m pretty sure I didn’t :unamused:

Then unfortunately I know of no other resolution.

Not only is it important to have multiple backups, say to a local folder and also an external source, but the smart thing to do is immediately upon getting a program, setup their backup system to automatically backup to YOUR pre-selected backup folder. I have a backups folder called backups. It has a dozen subfolders for various programs one of which is accounting, another emclient, another a notetaking app. Some as simple as settings for an app, or bookmarks.

The value of this is that even if the HDD fails, usually it can be plugged in and data retrieved, but more important, you have one folder which will backup your backups to the cloud and an external drive.