Hard disk crashed.. have the EMclient folder and contents. Can I restore from them on new system?

My system died a few nights ago

I have an new system running and installed EMclient fresh, again.

From brief reading of forum posts I thought i’d just I did try to just paste the EMclient folder and contents from a directory copy over the new installation’s files, but on running EMclient did a check for corruption and halted abruptly!

 (yes I know I should have used the proper backup… another lesson learned)

Can it be done?


Hi Alan, what directory have you moved or copied from your backup?
To restore your previous instance of eM Client you should be able to move the eM Client directory from your local folder > App Data > Roaming, and move it into the same location on your new hard drive.

Unfortunately this is not a supported way of restoring your items, however it should work in most cases.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul

I copied the whole folder and contents (overwritten) to the same folder under the same username.

One thing I’m not sure about (and this may have a big impact) is when setting up the new installation there are two options on how you want emails stored local folder or ‘something else’… If I got this different from the original option would that prevent it being compatible, perhaps?

Thanks for your help.

Incidentally. they newly installed pc OS has not worked and the PC needs a recovery disk which will take up to 14 days to arrive. So I can’t even test it now… :frowning:

Sorry to be a pain.


Hi Alan, not sure if you have the eM Client installation available now or not.
When newly installing eM Client an eM Client directory should be created under the Roaming folder, this folder contains all your data unless you’ve setup the application differently.
If you overwrite the contents of this folder, there are basically only two options that could occur, either you’ll be able to run your application using the replaced database or eM Client would not be able to load properly if the database was damaged, corrupt etc.

However there’s a slight possibility you might have changed the storage on the previous installation (Tools > Settings > General > Storage), this would mean replacing the Roaming folder would only try to load data from another folder somewhere on your computer that might not be there.
But of course you would have to change this setting in your previous installation.

Hope this helps,

Thanks again Paul.

No I don’t have a working PC yet… the recovery disk/s should come next week and  providing the problem wasn’t the HD and corrupted recovery software… I’ll be able to try again.

Appreciate your help.


Hi again Alan, please let me know once you’re ready to perform some tests and if you were able to restore your data on your new hard drive, it’s kind of hard trying to resolve the issue without having the access to the installation. I’ll be happy to take a look at the issue then.

Thank you,

Hi… back again… I have a system up and running… I tried copying over the whole Emclient folder which included the .Dat files and LOG folder.

It tried to fixed the corruption when it started… as before the pc went belly up.

I noticed this time that the eM Client folder has a lot more .dat file than the folder I copied… There as many files that end in dat-shm and dat-wal  as there are plain .dat. These are not in my original directory list… nearly all of them are .dat only files … I’m wondering now if the version of Emclient I put on is not the same?

Thanks for the help

Hi Alan, if you’ve just downloaded the application from our website, you might have downloaded a newer releases, since there’s been a couple of changes and seeing more database file in your eM Client roaming folder is possible. However, have you been able to transport your data successfully after moving the Roaming folder?

Thank you,

Hi Paul…

I did try to drop the whole lot in but I got a dialogue box saying it was analysing the data for corruption and after a short time it said failed. If I delete the files under EmClient it starts the setup process for a new user puts its own files in again.

I wonder what version of EMclient used only .dat files… could it be downloaded and upgraded to the current version afterwards, perhaps?

Hi again Alan, what version of eM Client do you have currently installed on your computer?
Is there any error shown after the database check fails?

Also note that if you’re using IMAP accounts, you should be able to setup your accounts again and all the data available on the server should be automatically synchronized.

Thank you,

Hi Paul

The version is 6.02

I just discovered that the user name was ‘User’ and I made it John… just presumed it would be.

I’m creating an account User now… this may have been my problem do you think?

Thanks for your on going help :slight_smile:

I’m struggling finding out how to make an account called User so that it makes a folder under Users. I only see the one I made initially called John… :frowning:

I thought that would have been really easy… :frowning:

Hi Alan, can you please send me an email to mcgregor@emclient.com with a reference link to this forum topic?

Thank you,