Hangs computer after last update


eM Client freezes my computer after last update. Update before had resolved past hangs, but now there are back again. I see that you don’t have a clue what causes it.

Is there any chance to download version before 10-10-2014, If not I have to change the program beacause it now hangs my computer several time a day.

I have Windows 7 x64, KIS 2015.

Best Regards

Hi Piotr, what version of eM client are you currently using on your computer?
Does the application crash completely or does it just get stuck?

If the application crashes, there should be an error report window displayed, send me the details of the error if possible.
If the application gets stuck and does not respond to any of your actions, please download this utility http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe , and run the utility when this occurs.

Not sure what version of eM Client are you currently using, but try to update to this most recent release before performing any of the above actions.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,
I have version 6.0.21034.0 and nothing changed, computer hanged while loading an email.

Problem is that it hangs whole system, if it happens computer doesn’t respond to any mouse clicks or keystrokes beside ctrl+alt+delete, but even then after selecting whatever action shows black screen and I must manually power off the computer.

Do you have any idea? Is there anything I could send to you?

Hi again Piotr, I’m afraid this won’t be an issue of the application? Does it occur only when eM Client is running or does it occur immediately after you open the application?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, unfortunately problem still exists and I have to had uninstall your program. What I’ve observed that crashes happenening in account that have certificate SSL installed on it (other programs shows warning window) and Kaspersky Internet Security on. My guess is Kaspersky is blocking or long processing messages from this account and your program is not prepared for this.

Hi Piotr, unfortunately some security software can cause issues for other application while synchronizing it’s data with the server. Kaspersky’s antivirus software has caused some issues for our users in the past, however most recently users are suggesting that while having SSL/TLS secure connection enabled on their account, Kaspersky is working great with the application.

Hope this helps,


I have bad news for everyone that uses KIS and EM together - after several different solutions the only one that works is uninstall one of them. My license of KIS had expired and I changed antyvirus to Avast and no problem after that.


Hello Piotr, thank you for sharing this information, it seems like Kaspersky’s Internet Security can occasionally block the application’s features - unfortunately this is not possible for us to resolve as the application controls the connections between the client and the server  - however no major issues with the Antivirus were found - lot of users were able to resolve most of the issues by updating their application setup.

I personally however recommend using Avast as a more advanced security software nowadays anyways.