Hang/Crash and Spam-Folders


i gave it another try and even resolved my older pgp-error.
I have some strange Problems:

  1. mistyping the gpg-passphrase sending a mail causes EMC to hang. There is the normal sending popup-window with a cancel-button, but i have to kill EMC via the task-manager.

  2. i have multiple Spam-Folders in multiple Accounts.
    On one i have “Spam”, on another i have “Junk” the next has “Junk-E-Mail”. On two i have a mix with Spam and Junk.
    Ofc there is only one spam-folder called “.Spam” on the server and all other clients recognize them correctly.

  3. EMC sometimes shows spam-mails in the global unread folder. maybe it’s related to #2

Are there any known workarounds for these?
EMC is 7.1.32792.0

  1. using inline-pgp it causes invalid signature problems:

it works just fine with PGP/Mime