Handle iOS-specific reminder date for location based reminders (April 1st 1976 2.55 am)

iOS provides location dependend reminders in X-APPLE-fields of the .vCard.
I know this fields are not lost, but they are also not even handled.

Every time iOS sets a location dependend reminder it also sets the reminder date (if it is not already set) to April 1st 1976 2.55 am.

eM Client treats this date as passed by reminder and lists it unter the reminders popup. Instead, if the reminder is that special date and minute, eM Client should filter this out from the reminder popup window please.

If the user instead empties the reminder date in eM Client, the location based reminder will not apply any more when on the road. Its lost because the user cant regocnize the meaning of the special date.

Prevent the user from losing this location based reminder, even the special date is Apple-specific. There are many iPhones are out there!

A temporary work-around for me is to save location based reminders on the iPhone into a separate list and in eM Client exclude this list from the reminders pop-up. Not nice, but temporary helpfull.

By the way, why not add a set location button in eM Clients tasks dialog?

We have to test it and will let you know as soon as we found anything.

Is there something you want to let me know?
I don’t see a change here.