Hallo, I change PC and uninstall emclient at old PC, now I want install on new PC but I cannot take ID number

New PC dont take ID

Re-install eM Client on your old PC then go Menu > Help > License, click Deactivate.  Then uninstall it from your old computer and you should be able to activate it on your new computer.

Otherwise contact eM Client support to have it deactivated.

Hello Alfons,
either deactivate as John above suggests or contact me at rust@emclient.com from the address you registered under and I will deactivate it for you.


I was just thinking about what if i change my PC and if it’s ever possible to move the software to the new one and the answer is YES!!!
eM Client inc. is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee company as I see.
First I will ask to my sisters to check the free version then I will buy 3 PC life time upgrade version. Everybody in the world should use eM.
Even if they don’t have a PC :))
LoVe at first sight!!!