Had to reinstall. All local folders are empty, most of my mail is gone.

Windows 10 suggested I do a “fresh start” which it claimed would save my files and settings but it didn’t save them all. It removed all apps that didn’t originally come on my PC and apparently files that contained settings for some of those apps.

I’ve been using BackBlaze to back up my PC for years so I hoped that I could just use the eM Client folders in the local and roaming folders that were backed up, but they only brought back my emails from January 2018 and forward.

I had years of emails that I had imported into eM and I had them stored in the local folders. Now the local folders are all empty. My rules are gone as well.

Can anyone help me find where my local folders emails were stored?

I found the solution! Gary Curtin posted it on another post that I didn’t see even though I had searched for a solution for a while before posting. If anyone else has this problem, see this post: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/during-windows-update-had-to-reinstall-em-client-have-los…