Hacker problem

I have had a hacker attack that wiped out my license data on my eMail client. Consequently I get a message that my license is not valid. In my notes I have two previous key codes, but neither of them work to bring me on line. How can I get a key code to validate my license. I can not read any email messages.

I am:

Serge Azzolini
545 Adams Street
Kimberly ID 83341

Home Phone: 208 423 9653

My Team Viewer ID is : 474 699 826 P/W: 6423

Hi Serge,

Please remove your private data from this thread: it’s never good to write private data on the internet…


I am unable to edit your post so please censor it by yourself. I doubt that you were really hacked, but if you will post your teamviewer login and password publicly then it will happen really fast.

Anyway you can retrieve your license key here using your registered email address http://www.emclient.com/lost-activati…