Guernsey George

I want to transfer all eM Client data from my old Windows 7 computer to my new Windows 10 computer. I have the free version allowing use on 1 computer. How do I install eM Client on the new computer without deactivating it on the old one which I need to continue to use until I have successfully achieved the transfer?  Then, what is the easiest way to transfer? Both computers are on the same network if that helps??? Keep it simple! I am a silver surfer!!!

1 make sure you have the install for the version that you have and the license for it.
    any special themes that you used if not the standards ones

           /menu/help/about               version you are running

If not download it from
If you cannot find license  ask support as it is attached to your email account in there system

2  run emclient backup and note where the backup file goes

        /menu/tools/settings/general/backup         shows where it will go …  you can change this
       /menu/file/backup                                                 runs the backup     get a cup of coffee  takes a while

3    Copy the collected files about      to the new machine.

       recommend using a folder for all software like  c:\data\Software\ software-name \
                as a place for all software that you obtain as a storage place for the installs  and license
                for the future 
4     Install emclient on new machine 
5     in new machine after you install      
                   use  restore from backup         /menu/file/restore

6     test it out

7     apply the license on new machine