GSuite Account - Send as alias without showing primary email address

I’m currently evaluating em Client for a customer as part of a migration to GSuite. They have a specific requirement to send from multiple aliases.
I have configured multiple aliases and can send successfully from them. However, the primary email address is also shown in the from field of the email the recipient receives.
If I send from an alias using the gmail webmail interface this does not happen (only the alias email address is in the from field).
Is there any way for em Client to have this behaviour i.e. not display the primary email address in the from field, only the alias?

Yes, I also asked for this in my idea

My solution is cumbersome but works until eM Client can implement this correctly.

Thanks very much for pointing that out Gary.
Far from ideal though and not sure if that will be sustainable for the 50+ mail clients at the customer’s business.
I’m surprised functionality like this is not a higher priority since so many entitites these days trade under different names etc.