Groups don't auto fill in the To: field in a new email...

Although my Google contacts are all present including groups, when I enter a group name in the To: area it does not find my groups???

Thanks, Gary

Hi, do you mean distribution lists? If I insert name of distribution list into to: field in new message window it is working for me.
What version of eM Client do you use exactly?


6.0.19861.0 is the ver. Yes I do mean distribution lists or groups. If I type it into the To field eM Client does not find the list??


Can you check that distribution lists is full with contacts? I really can’t reproduce this issue so I need as much information as possible to reproduce it.


I myself just moved to emClient and am using it to synch with my Google account. In the contacts of my google account, I have several groups that I have setup… When I setup emClient, it correctly synched my contacts and created the groups in the emClient address book, HOWEVER, I am unable to compose mails to those groups… they do not appear when I type in the TO and I cannot select the group and send an email…

I think that what is going on is that emClient is not converting or synchhronizing automatically, Google Contact Groups to emClient distribution lists…

Is there a way to make this work without having to create distribution lists on my local client that I then have to keep in synch manually with my Google Contact groups??

I have the same problem with my Google Contact Groups not being usable in emClient…


I have the same issue with Yahoo Contacts Group. I have a group made of 87 individual email addresses and I can’t imagine having to now create eM distribution list for the convenience of being able to choose in the To field of an email.
Anyway eM Client can retrieve these Contacts Groups (Google, Yahoo, etc) and create a distribution list instead of having to re-enter all in eM?

sorry but with Google synchronization eM Client only creates a folder for your account, but you can easily create a distribution list from the contacts in the folder by selecting all the contacts in the folder (ctrl+a), right click the selection and select create a distribution list.

Unfortunately otherwise the folder containing a group of contacts will not be shown in the quick selection while typing it into To field.

I hope you understand,