Groups do not work

I have set up a group but when I write to the Group in only the group name appears, not the names of the individuals in the group.  What am I doing wrong?  A simple task does not seem to work as in other Email clients I have used.  Please help.  Thanks.

Hello, not quite sure what you’re suggesting, what kind of Groups you’re referring to - do you mean distribution lists? In order to send a message to a group of people you need to create a distribution list and populate the distribution list with your contacts. Add the distribution list to the To/Cc or Bcc field and submit your message. You can also use the Mass Mail feature to send personalised emails to the group.


Thank you for this reply. Much appreciated. I have just worked it out after hours of puzzlement. If I might say so, as a migrant from Thunderbird, your system seems counter intuitive. A group which is set up specially IS a distribution list surely. That is why it is set up in the first place. Why go to two steps when one step will do? IMO a software revision as per Thunderbird is the logical way to go. Otherwise Emclient is a great piece of software.

Hello again, I agree that simply typing in the folder name would have been easier, however please note that these features are implemented based on email communication standards, some mail services (contact services) for example do not allow you to create multiple folders and only work with distribution lists. We’re however doing our best to make things as easy as possible - however we still need to follow the specs in order to make sure everything works correctly when the application communicates with the server.

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Yes, thank you.

How do you set up a group?  In my contact list there are labels next to the contacts saying they are in a group, but I can’t pull up the entire group to send a mass email.  When I search for the group name, nothing is found.

As suggested above, you have to setup a distribution list to send a message to a group of people.

Read above on how to create a distribution list or refer to our FAQ at

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