Grouping email Accounts (not referring to individual emails)

Maybe I am unusual inso far as I work with around 20+ emails (no I am not a spammer) for various business requirements and hosting websites.

I would love to be able to, after setting up accounts that belong to the same mail server, group these accounts using a visible separator within the account list under the left coloumn.  For me it is the server that is the first point of reference and then the name.  As I use my own name across the majority of the servers it would make life much simpler for me - and perhaps for someone in a similar environment.

Hopefully this is not such a biggie.


Hello Christine, this is unfortunately not possible and we’re currently not planning a similar feature for implementation for future releases, but when setting up an account in eM Client you have the option to use a different account name and user info, so you can keep using your name in the user information (that’s being sent out when you send an email using this account) and an account name that will show up in the left pane - you can use a custom account name for the top account of each server and sort your accounts in the list using the arrows in Tools > Accounts.

Hope this helps,