grouping by a single category

i’d like my categories to be displayed by each specific criterion, not by multiple criteria.  for example, one contact has two categories: friend and neighbor.  when my contacts are grouped i see 3 groups called friends, neighbors, and “friends, neighbors”.  the contact in question shows up in the last group but not either of the first two groups.  i’d like to have my contact show up in the friends group and neighbors group, and if possible dispense with the “friends and neighbors” group.   basically the way outlook handles grouping of categories…  is this possible?

Hi, we have the same issue - is there a way? Or did the orginal poster figure out a way?

No, this is still the same.

I was thinking how it could be solved, but where you have more than one category, I don’t see how it could be displayed without duplicating the contacts. That might work for local contacts, but if you have contacts that are online, or are a combination of a few different online accounts, where do you put the duplicates?

disappointing, as our client requires it to view job progresses and they use categorising at the moment in outlook and in outlook when sorting by category mail with there own category get there own group its not shared.

Any other suggestions to maybe be able to replicate this result?

Yes, don’t put contacts in more than one category.