group list mail not being received

I send to my group list and message goes in outbox then is ‘sent’ but nothing is received their end by anyone on the list.

Did you contact the list maintainer. Maybe there is some issue.

Or do you mean a distribution list?

sorry, not particularly computer savvy.  I have a contact list of 35 people who I send a mail-out to every week.  I have them on one list and just type ‘PPlist’ in BCC.  Then do the message.
This is then sent to them.  I see it go in the outbox, then it disappears as though it has been sent, But not one of the recipients receive it.  It has worked fine that way for 15 years. 
We recently had fibre installed but don’t know if that is relevant.

OK, so it sounds like you are using a distribution list.

If you go to your Contacts section and open the distribution list, does it have valid email addresses in the list?

If you go to the Sent folder, the message should list the BCC recipients. Can you see that?

Yes, in the sent folder it is as normal, Bcc and the list of people…

I have the same problem and it has been reported to support. All I have received was a recognition that entry level support was able to recreate and passed to developers.

I tested this using beta 8.0.1796, and all the recipients receive the message when the message is sent BCC to the DL.

Which version are you using Sunriseal? Pat is using 7.2.36908, and he added me as a member of his DL. I did not receive his test message.

Maybe it has already been addressed in the latest beta.

I am using 8.01796.0 I have not had a chance  to see if it is still occuring in the Beta.
One thing I did not mention earlier was that if I included MY email address in the list, I did receive the message… others did not.

I did not send the test message to myself, at least not to the same address or even domain I sent it from. Also, the test messages were received in other email clients. 

Now that I have had a chance to jump back into this issue, I realize that there are a number of problems with the distribution list option. I opened the ticket on 4/6/20 and I sent the TESTING team the open ticket # on 4/27/20.

I can send you the ticket # if you have access to those things or I can send you the contents of the  ticket if I could do that via a private message which I don’t know how to do in this app

I am totally bored with this stay-at-home business, so why not.

I do include me in the list of recipients - though only as another recipient in the BCC, not as the main ‘To’ line. 
And no-one gets any of mine.

I just got your email that was sent to 30+ recipients. Looking at the message header I can see it was uploaded by you to the Zoho server on Thu, 7 May 2020 10:47:19 -0700 (PDT). Unfortunately your server only sent it to my server on Tue, 12 May 2020 20:13:46 +0200

A second message from you was uploaded by you to your Zoho server on Sat, 9 May 2020 08:54:02 -0700 (PDT), but your server only sent it to me on Tue, 12 May 2020 21:13:37 +0200

So it appears that there is nothing wrong with eM Client in this regard. It is uploading the message to your server but your server is not sending it out.

This might be something for you to discuss with your provider.

Please see

Yes, it was the provider, not eMclient at all.  It has now been resolved so thanks everyone for help offered…(Gary especially!)