Grey title bar

I have just installed version 6.0.19714.0 and the title bar doesn’t behave like it should in a normal window. It remains grey all the time as if it has no focus. The same is true of fresh windows it opens for emails.

I have the same … I think it’s related to the ‘theme’ we’re using? I’m using theme ‘classic’.

I don’t know whether this is an error or just part of the theme.

I’ve tried changing the theme and it’s still the same. If the title bar is a different colour on other windows with focus, the same should apply to this regardless of theme. Definitley an error.

I thought maybe this is part of the Windows 8 UI changes. But I agree - I don’t like it.

I hate it too!

Hi, this is not issue but new modern look. If you do not like it you can change to other theme in Tools - Settings - Appearance - Themes.


Jan, let me explain why this IS an issue:

  1. Changing the theme does not make any difference. The title bar is still the same colour as the menu bar whatever theme you choose.

  2. Windows and all applications I’ve seen for it have always used the same rule: When the window has focus, the title bar changes to the title bar colour set up in your Windows settings. Why should this application ignore Windows settings?

  3. Other users don’t like it either.

I should point out that I am using Windows 7.

Peter, you nailed it! I was just about to explain same thing. I am using win 7 too

I agree this is a major issue. Not only does the titlebar color fail to change with focus, it is also noticeably taller with a larger title font, and I dislike anything that goes against screen space economy. Poo-poo to a more modern look. Please do not follow MS down this road, they are not always right. I prefer apps whose decorations and controls align with the rest of the OS. Windows 7 here too, classic theme. My 2 cents, maybe three. :slight_smile:

I would also like to get rid of the new window title bar - it’s useless & waste of space!

I don’t see so much the issue related to space: most of my programs have a title bar taking up space…

I do agree that the color of the title bar could change to the ‘title bar color’ (blue in my case) when selected.

I also have Nitro Pro 9 installed which has the same behavior related to the title bar as eM Client … indeed maybe it’s something related to Windows 8 (or they use the same set of UI controls).

Personally I think we loose a lot more (usable) space with the column to the left where we can select ‘mail’, ‘calendar’, et cetera.

I would like to see the left column gone and being replaced with tab pages (or some big buttons on the top).

The space issue is perhaps for another thread. As you now agree that the title bar should use the Windows colour when in focus, will this be addressed in the next release?…

in short eM Client have to follow modern UI theme as Windows 7 slowly giving place to Windows 8 as its successor.


Do you only have one version of eM Client for both Windows 7 and 8?

The active / inactive titlebar has been a very basic feature of the Windows operating system since the release of Windows 2.0 some 27 years ago, and that has not changed in Windows 8.1. It is also a feature of the vast majority of desktop operating systems and window managers. Never mind that some of us find em Client’s new titlebar visually unappealing, it still needs to function properly and presently it does not. This needs to be addressed ASAP.

yes, we have only one version.

We do not plan to change it, but to be honest I cant see even in other software under Windows 7 focus colour.


As Rico said in the previous posting, the focus colour has been there for decades and Windows 7 is no exception. It’s a shame you won’t consider changing it. I was hoping you’d listen to your customers.

Agreed. Standard in all windows apps and versions.

We listen to our customers, but I have tried really hard and was unable to find more than few applications who actually changes their focus colour.

This is new standard for modern UI and we have to follow it. Every time change is being made it does not satisfy everyone we are aware of that.
But until 7th version we do not plan to change our main UI theme.

with regards