When sending I used to see the progress inside the icon in the taskbar with the box filling with green from left to right. This was handy for monitoring when eM is closed. Where did it go? Can I get it back?

Hmm, I don’t even remember that.  One thing you can do is to look at the outbox (make sure it is enabled in your Smart Folders).  When you send a message, there will be a red “1” as a counter in the outbox.  When that red “1” goes away, the message has been sent.

And also the handy operations summary, that lets you know what is happening.

Gary- The Outbox RED 1 works, and the progress of sent message shows in the lower left under TASKS with a left to right sliding orange bar. This is OK as long as you are on the eM page. The green progress was about two versions ago and I liked it because you could monitor a longer than normal sent message while you were working on another web page or project.
I looked for the operations summary but could not locate it. Could you give me a step by step please.

Teddybear, I am not sure what it is actually called, so I called it the operations summary. It is the same notification that you have under Tasks. See my screenshot above.

As Jay commented above, I also do not remember this green progress in the task bar. But you can downgrade to a previous version if this is what worked for you. Simply uninstall eM Client, then download and install the version from Try to avoid 7.0 versions as the database format is different, so you will not be able to use your existing database.

One thing that could influence it is small task bar icons, changed in your Windows settings. The small eM Client icon behaves differently in that it does not have the new message overlay that normal size icon has. Could this be influencing the progress bar?

Gary-Thanks for the info. I checked the task bar settings and set it for lock. The small icon button was not engaged so I left it alone. I am not going to change my version as I am so satisfied with eMClient that I am reluctant to screw something up for such a minor issue. I can live without the green bar, but it would have been nice to have it.

Hi Teddybear.

I think I discovered what you were asking about.

Does that look familiar?

Nothing different as far as settings in either eM Client or Windows, except this is with small icons. It just happened that I was having a really bad day with the Internet connection, and there were some large emails coming in on an IMAP account. Then I noticed the green progress bar.

That’s it! I still cannot make mine act the way I remember it. I tried it with small icons, no dice. Then I experimented with a long email with an 18MB WMV attached which I sent then received but no action. The only time the green flashed was when I deleted the message containing the WMV and that was a brief sweeping motion like a radar scope.

Now my connection is back to normal I am not seeing it again.