Great Email Cient, Just

Hey All,

I used Em Client for about a month and while I found it really good and probably the best client that is really as comprehensive to even that of Outllook (not the online kind), I didn’t find it appealing as a whole. Trying to create rules for junk email/spam just didn’t work as I would still get thme even if I used the addresses under various rule settings/combinations. I am not saying that EC didn’t work, I may have been donig something incorrect in the set-up, only that it didn;t work for me no amtter how I tried reading help. My time though is not that of having to learn it so muich as that anything I pay for should be at least intuitive enough to catch when I deem these message as such, that it uses all the rules available (even if it prompts with a question on what to do with the whole of email properties) by default to put them where they should go.

As much as I am disappointed with MS Office and Outlook (this totally has to do with customer service not returning messages), it was very intuitive and I never had issues deeming email as junk/spam as no matter their origins, once I set them as junk, they went there in the future, and not my inbox.

Also, while I think the calendar in EC is very good, it’s not as good as Office or even Google calendar and should import them without having to use settings to make them work. Simply import my calendar set-up, then let that be my EC calendar, no more linking needed and one can update that as needed specifically for use within EC. In the end, while I was thinking for $50 it is a great deal, it was a turn-off to see that I would not get updates to it unless I bought the $120 version. I will however keep EC in mind when my subscription runs out next year to read of any updates or changes.

Thnx and Happy New Year All